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“Maebongsan” Shoes Associated with His Best Wishes

“Maebongsan” Shoes Associated with His Best Wishes

One day in April 2019 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who returned home after successful foreign tour, visited the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory in the middle of the night.
He said he was told that at the recent national shoe exhibition shoes made by this factory were in good demand and so he came to see the shoes presented by the factory this year.
In front of the inspection table at the shoemaking shop he was much pleased to see the shoes turned out. And he asked the accompanying officials to put on the shoes and asked them about the comfort of the shoes. Having been told that the shoes were comfortable from one of the accompanying officials he expressed his satisfaction.
At the design room hearing the favorable comments of the officials with pleasure, he smiled all the time as if he forgot all his worldly cares.
The officials of the factory were also delighted to see the laughter of the General Secretary who worked day and night during his foreign tour.
The official who put on the shoes of ostrich leather from ostrich farm in our country said the shoes were good, indeed.
The General Secretary said “Maebongsan” shoes made by the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory should be the shoes envied by the foreigners.
All the things given to the people should reach the highest standard of the world. It is his yardstick and best wishes.