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Historic Pyongyang Declaration

Historic Pyongyang Declaration

Pyongyang declaration, published under the title of “Let us defend and advance the cause of socialism” on April 20, 1992 is a historical declaration issued by the leaders and representatives of political parties aspiring towards socialism including communist parties and workers’ parties of many countries over the world who came to Pyongyang to participate in the celebrations of the 80th birthday of President Kim Il Sung.
It was adopted at the time when socialism was collapsed in some countries and imperialists and reactionaries noised about the “end” of socialism.
It gave a clear elucidation of the intrinsic superiority of socialism over capitalism, the cause of the collapse of socialism in some countries and stand and principle to be taken by the parties aspiring after socialism.
Pyongyang declaration is a historic declaration that expressed firm resolution of communist parties and workers’ parties and many parties and people aspiring towards socialism over the world to firmly defend and powerfully advance the cause of socialism with full confidence in the face of the collapse of socialism in some countries.
As soon as the declaration was published progressive political parties around the world vied with one another in signing the declaration and its figure reached more than 300 in 2017.