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A new era of rural civilization is opened up

A new era of rural civilization is opened up

The Workers' Party of Korea's grand plan for rural construction has been translated into a brilliant reality, and a new era of rural civilization is being ushered in all parts of the country.
The people of provinces, cities and counties of the whole country turned out in the rural housing construction, thus working miracles of building the exemplary entities, an epitome of modern civilization, in different parts of the country which well represent modern civilization and regional distinction during one year.
The modern dwelling houses were built in rural villages located from the outskirts of Pyongyang to the North Hamgyong Province, the northern tip of the country, and the auspicious moving events into new houses were happened.
The villagers in those areas, witnessing the changes of their villages, unanimously say that this is a precious fruition of the warm love of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for the people to turn the rural areas across the country into beautiful ones good to live in and make the agricultural workers enjoy the socialist civilization and they are expressing deep thanks to him.
Dances are shown in rural villages, revealing the bright picture, every day and the wave of joy and strong emotion of the agricultural workers moving into new houses turn into cheers for the Workers’ Party and the victory of socialism.