The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Bright Prospect of Powerful Socialist Country Seen through the National Emblem

Bright Prospect of Powerful Socialist Country
Seen through the National Emblem

The national emblem is the national sign reflects the history, traditions and desire and aspirations of the people of each country.
It was the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung that the national emblem of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should be the new Korean-style one pulsating with the soul of Korea.
One day there was all the people’s discussion about the designs of national flag and emblem for the first time in history of Korea, President Kim Il Sung called an official and asked him about the opinions on the national emblem and national flag.
In those days the national flag was fully supported at the consideration, but there were opinions that the design of the national emblem with furnace looked dim and somber. It meant that the design of national emblem was not so perfect as to enjoy the absolute support of the people.
The President, after reviewing all of them, said that the national emblem should reflect well the view of the development of Korea, in order to show the future bright prospect of Korea that will turn into a developed, prosperous and highly civilized country in the world, the national emblem should reflect the electrification of our country, if the Suphung Power Station of our country is depicted in the national emblem, it will make it possible to give a visual panorama of the electrification of the country.
And then he saw to it that the beaming light of a five-point red star reflected in the national flag should be drawn at the upper part of the power station and the ears of rice with many grains be bound with a red ribbon bearing the inscription of the name of the country in the middle of it.
Thanks to his outstanding clairvoyance and wisdom, a hydraulic power station was depicted in place of furnace so that the national emblem reflected the electrification of the country that would come true in the years to come.
Spectacular waterfall pouring down from the dam of the hydraulic power station below Mt. Paektu, the holy mountain of revolution proudly bear a five-point red star. It was the bright future of DPRK that would turn into a powerful socialist country in the near future.