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Magpie, National Bird of DPRK

Magpie, National Bird of DPRK

Magpie can be seen everywhere in Korea all the year round. From time immemorial the Korean people regarded it as a good omen, saying that the chirps of it from morning would bring about a welcome guest or a good thing.
The magpie was registered as the national bird of the DPRK in accordance with the law on national symbol of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea adopted on February 2, 2023.
The body color of the magpie is composed of white, black and dark blue colors.
Its stature including tail does not much exceed 44 or 46cm and weighs 200 or 250g.
The magpie is a beneficial bird that lives on harmful insects as well as invertebrate animals in summer and grass seeds and berries in winter.
There is a breeding season in a year and it lays 4 or 6 eggs at a time.
Its lifetime is about ten years.
The bird is familiar with the Korean people from long ago. It reflects the peace-loving stand of the DPRK.