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Quality of Cosmetics He Evaluated All the Time

Quality of Cosmetics He Evaluated All the Time

On June 29, 2018, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory.
He made rounds of various places of the factory.
At the production site the manageress of the factory told him that the factory developed the gel soap. He affectionately said he heard of a fact that people demanded a great deal of newly developed gel soap and he would also use it for himself.
When he entered at the sample room he was much pleased to see basic and other cosmetics of various kinds and souvenirs on display. And he took out a bottle of lotion to try on his hand and smelt at it.
That night he called an official who accompanied him during his field guidance over the factory and repeatedly appreciated that the lotion for man that he saw at the sample room in the daytime was very good.
Several hours passed since his departure from the factory, but he thought of its quality all the time.