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Pyongyang Hot Rice, One of Four Foods of Pyongyang

Pyongyang Hot Rice, One of
Four Foods of Pyongyang

Pyongyang Hot Rice, one of the four foods of local fame, is the food liked by the Korean people from ancient time.
This hot rice is normally eaten mixed with warm chicken soup to which a mung-bean pancake, chicken and roasted mushroom added. The food is characterized by seasoning with salt rather than spices or soy sauce so as to keep the taste pertaining to chicken soup.
From long ago the Korean people used to have the hot rice for their diet.
In the 19th century, the last years of the Feudal Joson Dynasty, the food was popular among the people and hot rice was recorded with the compilation and publication of cooking books.
There is a story of a girl who worked as a servant at the Pyongyang government office giving her lover who was behind bars on the false charge the hot rice with hot soup along with a mung-bean pancake in cold winter.