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Doctor Medal Awarded at the Age of 80

Doctor Medal Awarded at the Age of 80

The old woman seen in the picture is a war veteran Pak Pong Sil who lives in People’s Neighborhood Unit No. 15, Tongdaewon No. 1-Dong, Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang.
She was awarded a doctor’s degree at the great age of 80.
Looking back upon her life, she always says to her children, I was not born here and had no parents, brothers and sisters here, but the motherland brought me up with the care of real mother and took care of me until now and so it is the whole of my life.
She had a dream to learn to her heart’s content in her childhood.
Her father was a burden carrier and mother washed for others in the prelibation days to maintain their livelihood. Her parents took pains to give her an opportunity to learn among three children, but in vain.
When the country was liberated on August 15, 1945, she was a child in her teenage. Her heart was burning with the dream to learn but her dream could not be realized due to the U.S. imperialists’ occupation of south Korea.
When Seoul was liberated during the Fatherland Liberation War Pak Pong Sil joined the volunteers army. Then she studied at Kim Il Sung University after the recall from the frontline under the loving care of President Kim Il Sung. After the graduation she became a teacher.
She succeeded in making high strength adhesives needed for the construction sites for tens of years with a single heart to prove herself worthy of the Party's consideration and the trust it places in her.
Five years ago she received a diploma for doctor’s degree with its medal.
Years have gone by but till today she is working hard with ardent passion and in the indomitable spirit of defending the motherland.