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Successes in Various Fields of National Economy

Successes in Various Fields
of National Economy

Workers and technicians of the Ryongsong Machine Complex, a leading machine building base of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, are making innovations in the production of important custom-built equipment by briskly conducting the mass technological innovation movement every day.
The complex mapped out a realistic plan for the development of science and technology with a view to improve the processing speed and quality and has conducted the assessment and technological guidance in a methodological way and widely introduced and generalized the successes of exemplary units and objects.
More than 150 valuable inventions and technical innovations were introduced into production amid the increasing number of technicians and skilled workers and brisk mass technological innovation movement.
In the meantime different parts of the country step up the work to increase the production of various kinds of quality building parts available in hearty response to the Party’s intention to turn all the rural villages into socialist ideal ones.