The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Comrade-in-arms, Woman Doctor of Romania

Comrade-in-arms, Woman Doctor of Romania

Woman doctor of Romania called Cornelia Peunesku is a well-known foreign doctor who gave medical treatment to over 3 500 Koreans (more than 270 of them had operations from her) at the front and in the rear under the shower of machine-gun bullets during the Fatherland Liberation War.
Many years have elapsed since then. One day President Kim Il Sung met Cornelia and her husband who visited DPRK.
At the meeting the President said, I met you after more than 20 years, but I recognized you from a great distance, you rendered great service to the Korean people and our people remember you for your successful performance of your duty as an internationalist.
Cornelia said to him that, at the time of war I knew well that the President grew weak due to the command of the war front but I could not do anything as a doctor and my feet refused to take me back.
Noting that he was very happy to see again the comrade-in-arms who had gave a sincere helping hand to him and the Korean people more than 20 years ago, the President drank toasts with the couple and complied with all her requests.
Even when the President was on the way for on-the-spot guidance to local areas, he inquired about her whether she had enjoyed the opera and received a lecture on Traditional Koryo medicine and repeatedly asked officials concerned to take good care of her.
During her stay in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea she had a good time, receiving unforgettable warm hospitality as a comrade-in-arms of the President.