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We Love “Haebaragi” Brand School Things

We Love “Haebaragi” Brand School Things

Look at the pictures carried by the Korean Central News Agency.
All the students seen in the pictures are very glad to receive “Haebaragi” brand school things from the State with free. Even in breaks they are absorbed in boasting of their school things.
A child has a sleep taking the “Haebaragi” brand school things in his arms.
How happy they are.
The Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) and its government divert huge funds to the people’s life for such a bright laughter of the schoolchildren.
At the Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK held in June 2022 General Secretary Kim Jong Un said, putting our heart and soul into the children though in difficulties and stubbornly advancing toward the future of communism by dint of such a love should be the mode of advancing our revolution, the mode of development.