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Amnok River

Amnok River

The Amnok River takes its source from the slope south of Mt. Paektu and flows into the West Sea of Korea.
It is 803 kilometres long. It is the longest river in Korea.
On the bank of the Amnok River are lots of pavilions including Segom Pavilion of Manpho and Thonggun Pavilion of Uiju and walls constructed on mountains including the Great Wall of Koryo of Uiju, the Paekma Wall of Phihyon, Kumsan Wall of Changsong, Tokji Wall of Chosan and Ryoyon Wall of Junggang.
The natural landscape of the Amnok River, two thousands ri in length, is beautiful and rich in forest and underground resources.
In the middle course of the river are large-scale hydraulic power stations such as Unbong Power Station, Wiwon Power Station, Suphung Power Station.
The Amnok River borders on China.