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World-famous Mt. Kumgang of Korea

World-famous Mt. Kumgang of Korea

Mt. Kumgang is well known as one of the “six famous mountains” of Korea and one of the eight beauty spots in Korea from ancient time for its natural landscape of various, imposing, beautiful and multifarious mountains.
12 000 peaks soaring to the sky and standing in the form of saw, a variety of curious rocks, stratified cliffs, different deep valleys, a lot of pools and ponds, crystal clear water flowing down through cliffs and rocks, myriads of waterfalls of forming rainbow, animals and plants of various kinds and luxuriant verdure are in good harmony and so the mountain is picturesque, indeed.
The mountain is called “Mt. Kumgang” as Mt. Kumgang in spring when all kinds of flowers are in full bloom and give off aroma is compared with the most shining and beautiful gem. It is also called “Mt. Pongrae” as the mountain in summer is in good harmony with the white clouds around the rocky cliffs, a dense forest and various beautiful birdcalls and roaring sounds of waterfalls. It is called “Mt. Phungak” as the mountain in autumn is covered with red and yellow leaves and it has blue streams. It is called “Mt. Kaegol” as the mountain in winter gives a peculiar presentation with snow on the branches of the trees and ice pillars of the mountain in wind.
As the Mt. Kumgang that gives all forms of changes according to seasons, hours and weather, there is a saying that it seems that it is the mountain of superb scenic beauties with stones exercising their talent, water doing one thousand cute things and trees being praiseworthy.