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In More than 80 Days

In More than 80 Days

An old man named Jin Kyo Won in Kallimgil No.2-dong, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, fell down because of unexpected bleeding on the early morning of September 8, 2023.
At 04:30 in the morning an ambulance arrived at the house of the old man and later he was taken to the intensive treatment room of digestive organ internal treatment department of Pyongyang Municipal General Hospital No. 3.
From then on his doctor Paek Nam Suk and other medical workers of the department conducted tense first aid treatment battle to save the patient from the jaw of death.
The old man had an aftermath of the cerebral thrombosis and therefore, the medical workers devotedly worked together combining their ability and sincerity.
The patient was becoming better, but two days later he was again in critical conditions.
The family members of the old man did not know what to do, tears rolling down their faces.
But the medical workers took more active steps for medical treatment without losing confidence.
All night intensive treatments were conducted for the patient.
Finally, the patient was saved.
The family members of the patient were greatly moved to see the medical workers so glad with excitement as if their real father was recovered.
However, the medical workers devoted themselves to the old man more and more with each passing day.
The old man finally recovered and came out of the hospital in a matter of over 80 days.
On the day of leaving the hospital the old man said in excitement that the socialist healthcare system of our country is the best in the world.