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Kimilsungia Necklace

Kimilsungia Necklace

It happened when Abida Sultana, a vocal soloist of the then Dhaka Art Troupe of Bangladesh, paid a visit to the DPR Korea.
She gave a vocal solo of the Korean song “Gratitude to Fatherly Leader’s Loving Care” in Korean at the performance given in the presence of President Kim Il Sung.
At the end of the performance President Kim Il Sung took a photo session with the performers.
She felt greatly happy to the extent to shed tears, for she had a photo session with the President.
An official of Korea asked her the reason and she told him that when she had been about to leave for Pyongyang her father had asked her not to miss to bring the august name of President Kim Il Sung if she had a golden chance to meet him while being in the DPRK.
Being reported of the fact that evening, President Kim Il Sung left his autograph in the pocketbook of the vocal soloist, saying he would have Sultana and her family’s desire met.
Later, her father, a famous lapidary in Bangladesh, made a jeweled necklace on which Kimilsungia was carved, in the thought that his daughter should sing songs of President Kim Il Sung, always keeping the President in her mind so that the songs in praise of him might reverberate far and wide.
Since then she sang over and over songs about Kim Il Sung in international vocal music concourses and other international art performances with the necklace on.