The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Rabbit Needs Neither Tea Nor Eskimo Pie

Rabbit Needs Neither Tea Nor Eskimo Pie

One year President Mugabe of Zimbabwe visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
At the dinner party arranged in congratulation of his visit President Kim Il Sung told several digressions including the stories of the leader of the Socialist Party of France who said that the then Kumsusan Assembly Hall was better than the Versailles Palace of his country and of the step he took to lead the army to raise the rabbit of fine breed.
President Kim Il Sung said that it is easy to raise the rabbits when there is grass and the rabbit needs neither tea nor bread and Eskimo pie.
The President did not regard the teachings of President Kim Il Sung as a mere digression.
The words of President Kim Il Sung such as the building constructed by themselves was better than the palace of developed European countries and the rabbit needed neither tea nor Eskimo Pie, were precious aphorisms to awaken the world people desirous of the independent development to the principles of the Juche idea and self-reliance.