The great persons of Mt. Paektu
World Focus

World Focus

President Kim Il Sung visited the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1980s.
More than 40 state and government heads and over 200 delegations, representatives, personages of various strata including political and public of several countries, were in this country at that time.
The French paper “Le Monde” said that “The presence of President Kim Il Sung, resolute defender of non-alignment movement, draws a special attention” and the U.S. paper “New York Times” carried the portrait of President Kim Il Sung in the front page when it reported about the arrival of heads of states in Yugoslavia.
The leaders of the then Yugoslavia had President Kim Il Sung in the centre of the meetings of leaders of the East and the West and made sure that President Kim Il Sung sat in a chair at the centre of the front row, letting all the state leaders stand in stairs.
Upon hearing the news, a Japanese journalist said,
“President Kim Il Sung’s visit to Yugoslavia shook the world, it is the amazing great event, indeed, and President Kim Il Sung is the great person and pride of Asia.”