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New Remains of the Bronze Age Unearthed

New Remains of the Bronze Age Unearthed

The officials and researchers in the field of national legacies preservation including the archeological institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, the Rason City Management Office for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Rason City Folklore Museum have recently unearthed new historic relics in Cho Islet, Haeyang-Dong, Rajin District, Rason City. It shows formation of Koreans and culture of this area in the Bronze Age.
It was a tomb of the people in the Bronze Age, in which a wooden coffin was buried in an oblong hollow place. There bones of two people and more than 20 pieces of relics were unearthed.
The bones are recognized of a man and woman of 20 to 30 years old in view of the head bones and features of articulation.
Axe, hatchet, arrowhead, spearheads and other stone tools are the products of various kinds of stones trimmed up and sharpened exquisitely.