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National Cultural Inheritance “Akhakgwebom”

National Cultural Inheritance “Akhakgwebom

Among the national cultural inheritance of Korea is Akhakgwebom (Collection of Musicology), complete book on the theory of music.
The book, compiled in August 1493, systematized music and dance of the Middle Ages for the first time.
The book takes its name from the model pattern and regulations of music.
It consists of 9 volumes.
Vol. I deals with the theory of music, Vols. 2-5 content of practice, Vols. 6-9 musical instrument, stage costume and stage properties.
Especially, it contains more than 50 musical pieces that have been played since Koryo, more than 30 kinds of dances that date back to Feudal Joson Dynasty, more than 200 songs and words, folk songs. It gives an all-round systematization of music and dance of the Middle Ages.
For its extensive and huge content it is a valuable cultural inheritance of the Korean nation.