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Koryo Porcelain

Koryo Porcelain

Koryo porcelain dates back to Koryo (918-1392). It represents industrial arts of that time and holds a special place in the history of the world ceramics in the Middle Ages.
It is a valuable cultural wealth showing the outstanding artistic talents and high level of science and technology of the Korean people.
The Koryo ceramics can be divided into celadon, white and black porcelains according to ground color. It can also be divided into concave pattern ceramics, thick pattern ceramics and decoration ceramics based on its techniques of ornament.
The celadon with jaded green color is the most productive and famous among various kinds of Koryo ceramics and the golden age of the Koryo celadon was from 11th century to 12th century. The Koryo celadon of this period was further completed in terms of fine arts and industrial arts. It was widely distributed as a necessary favourite daily commodity and exported abroad in large quantities.
The people is struck with admiration at the green color of the celadon as it is as clear as blue sky of Autumn days and water flowing in deep mountains.
The pattern of the celadon is beautiful and techniques of expression are unique.
Many Koryo celadon has been unearthed and preserved in different parts of Korea and celadon factories turn out many fine ceramics keeping alive the traditions of Koryo celadon.