The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Great Leader (3)
World and Great Man

Great Leader (3)

Pierre Ndje(Congo)
(continued from the last issue)
No country in the world gave a helping hand to the poor people of ours. Neo-colonialists played a trick on them.
At that time a brilliant sunshine came to our country in utter darkness.
Our country had not yet established diplomatic relations with the DPRK.
The president of our country wrote a personal letter of extending a helping hand to the poor, admiring the great sun who rose in Korea in the East to shine all over the world.
After reading the letter President Kim Il Sung sent relief goods, regarding us who held up the banner of independence against imperialism as precious comrade-in-arms and brothers, and took an emergency measure to transport them to our people as soon as possible.
Our people, hovering between life and death, was deeply moved by this. The joy and emotion is beyond the expression of the words.
Life has two poles, that is, sorrow and joy.
The poles are all from a shock. So people weep tears in joy and in sorrow.
I cannot forget our people who were weeping tears of joy and sorrow.
(continuation follow)