The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Thinking of Peasant’s Feelings

Thinking of Peasant’s Feelings

At night of one day in January 1949 President Kim Il Sung who was on the way to Pyongyang after field guidance over the rural villages told his adjutant to stop the car.
He said that the house of a peasant whom he met for the first time today seemed to be the poorest man in the village before liberation(August 15, 1945) and he had a brief conversation with him outside his house, and so he came away with much reluctance.
Noting that he might be disappointed to see the premier of the country staying in the yard for a while without entering the house since it’s too poor, the President said that he would return to the house to talk for a night with him and have a rest.
After all the car returned to the peasant’s house.
When the car reached the entrance of the village, the President stopped the car again.
He said if the villagers knew of our coming again they would run out to welcome us without being rest, and so we had to enter the village very quietly, when we entered the house, the family of the house would prepare supper, so we had to satisfy our appetite on something leftover from lunch in the car.