The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Exceptional Gift

Exceptional Gift

A gathering was held in Pyongyang in February 1974 to convey  gifts of Chairman Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) to the members of an excavator platoon of an ore mine.
They finished the yearly plan for last ten years ahead of schedule by giving full display to the spirit of collectivism at the work site 1 200 meters above sea level.
Chairman Kim Jong Il saw to it that they were awarded the titles of Labor Hero and gave them gift of great love and made out a schedule for their stay in Pyongyang so that they could have an enjoyable time together with their families.
When they were having a good time in Pyongyang, the ore miners and their wives and children were struck dumb with astonishment at the news of what a gift would be given to them.
When Chairman Kim Jong Il looked over the list of gift proposed by the officials he fell into deep thoughts for a while. And then he said one thing should be added, there could be pregnant women among the young wives of the miners, and so the same gift should be given to the coming child, we spare nothing for the good of them.
After all, the gifts were given to the coming children.