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530th Triplets

530th Triplets

The 530th triplets (one daughter and two sons) left the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital on September 15.
Mother Kim Chun Ran, a resident in people’s neighborhood unit No. 51 of Sonchon county town, North Phyongan Province, thanks to the benevolent step taken by the Workers’ Party of Korea was hospitalized for over 170 days and received the best medical benefits bestowed on prolific mothers.
The medical workers of the hospital true to the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who were much pleased to hear of the birth of triplets saying it was the sign of good omen for the prosperity of the country, had many consultative meetings and adopted measures in time for the health of the pregnant and nursing mother.
She had an easy labor thanks to the utmost care of doctors and nurses with the care of blood relation.
The parents of the triplets hardened their determination to bring up their children as the pillars of the country, carried away by the gratitude to the affection of the motherly Party and socialist public health system.
They were presented with gifts including gold ring and silver-decorated knives.