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Construction of Dwelling Houses in Hwasong Area Accelerated

Construction of Dwelling Houses in Hwasong
Area Accelerated

The dwelling houses under construction in Hwasong area has changed beyond recognition.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s spirit of great advance finds expression in all places.
The successes have not been gained as usual under the good conditions.
In last May General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave instructions to push ahead with the construction of dwelling houses for 10 000 households in Hwasong area and the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm, the cherished desire of the Workers’ Party of Korea, although there was a difficult emergency anti-epidemic situation.
The soldier-builders in charge of the construction of dwelling houses, true to the order of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, push ahead with the building of dwelling houses with firm determination to take the lead in the building.
They are working hard with sparkling campaign to unconditionally carry out the order of the Party in time.