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Sungin Temple

Sungin Temple

Sungin Temple standing side by side with Sungryong Temple in Central District, Pyongyang, the capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, adds to the national flavor of the city.
It was built in 1325, the close of Koryo, and was repaired in 1352 and 1428 and 1954 right after the Fatherland Liberation War.
It was a shrine where a memorial service was held.
It originally consisted of the main hall and more than ten other buildings.
Now it has only the main hall.
The main hall is a gabled house with three kans (12.97 meters) of the front and three kans (8.72 meters) of the side on the stylobate of stone.
Sungin Temple is a valuable historical site showing the distinguished building techniques of Koryo.