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Figures of Many Countries Issued Statements and Articles to Mark 74th Founding Anniversary of DPRK

Figures of Many Countries Issued Statements and Articles
to Mark 74th Founding Anniversary of DPRK

Personages of many countries issued statements and articles from September 4 to 9 to mark the 74th founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The chairman of the Arabian Committee for Solidarity with the Korean People and Supporting Reunification of Korea, the chief of the Lebanese Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and the former dean of faculty of politics of the Damascus University of Syria said that more than 70 years of history of DPRK is unthinkable without the exploits of President Kim Il Sung and highly admired that the President is father of socialist Korea who indicated the eternal path of national development and built man-centered socialist system.
The chairman of the UK-Korea Friendship Association put on the on-line website an article dealing with the undying devotion and efforts of President Kim Il Sung who dedicated himself to the building of a genuine people’s country and a great country of the people.
The chairperson of the Sweden-Korea Friendship Association in an article titled “74 years of progress and prosperity under the banner of the Juche idea” stressed that the founding of the DPRK was a great event in which the Korean people under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung founded a country that guaranteed independent existence of the country, security of the people and prosperity for the first time in the Korean nation’s history of 5 000 years.
The chairman of the Mongolian Centre for the Study of Juche in an article entitled “Juche Idea and DPRK of Today” spoke highly of the spectacular successes gained by the Korean people under the wise leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Un in politics, economy, military affairs, culture and other fields, invariably holding high the banner of the Juche idea during last 10 years.