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Letter He Received (1)

Letter He Received (1)

The night wore on. Ko Mun Sik, a doctor at Pyongyang Medical College Hospital, stared at a letter from a patient whom he performed an operation one month ago.
The patient was a woman who hurt her right arm by sudden accident and so it was difficult for her to write even the three letters of her name. Ko was very glad to read the letter from her.
Reading the letter, he looked back upon his first meeting with her.
When he entered the outpatients’ treatment room in order to accept the inpatients, the surprising voice of the section chief kept him from entering.
“So, do you really want to cut off your arm?”
Then the woman in front of him in tears said.
“Yes, I think it’s better to cut off my arm than living in such pains.”
The oppressive silence hanged on for several minutes. The section chief asked her to think of it one again.
She told him that she had been to several hospitals, this hospital has also no other choice. And she again tried to persuade the section chief.
Ko Mun Sik could easily read the deep shadow on the face of the section chief.